"I hate it for it's intolerance; I hate it for it's arrogance; it's hypocrisy; it's craft and false pretenses. It's commercialism; it's greed and sacrifice; it's sordid love of gain at any price; it's domination of politics; it's corrupt influence in civic affairs; I hate it for it's incessant effort to debauch the sufferage of the country. I hate it! The liquor business. For the cowards it makes of public men; I hate it for it's ruthless trampling on the solemn compact of state constitution. I hate it! For it's utter disregard of law. For the load that it straps on labor's back. For the palsied hands that it gives to the toiler. It's wounds congeal; it's tragedies are mighty; the human wrecks it has caused; the alms houses it has peopled; the prisons it fills; the insanity it begets; the countless graves in potter's fields; the mental ruin it imposes upon it's victims. I hate it's spiritual blight! It's moral degradation; the crimes it has committed; the homes it has wrecked; the hearts it has broken." - J. Frank Norris